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Age Groups: 5 to 6 .

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This imaginatively conceived activity box teaches children about the human body. It contains components kids can assemble and use to perform simple activities that vividly demonstrate how body organs function. The kit includes plastic models of arteries and veins, replicas of eyeballs, lungs, a brain, and a miniature plastic human skeleton with detachable bones. Also included are a simple funnel, balloons, and other items that boys and girls can use to demonstrate body organs in action. A 32-page, illustrated, easy-to-follow book shows how to perform each activity. For example, to demonstrate how the human heart pumps blood through the body, kids are instructed to fill a balloon with water and attach it to the end of a plastic tube that is also supplied in the kit. Next, kids rhythmically squeeze the balloon to pump the water through the tube, much like the way the heart pumps blood through an artery. Body parts are explained in language understandable to younger children, with descriptions of the lungs, heart, liver, stomach, intestines, brain, blood, muscles, skin, and skeleton.

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  • Contents: 19 Pcs
  • Material: Plastic & Paper

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