Fisher-Price Pop and Push Elephant

Solitary play

Fisher-Price Pop and Push Elephant

Age Groups: 0 to 2 .

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"Baby won't be able to resist the fun poppin' action as they get up and go with this Pop 'n Push Elephant! As baby pushes the elephant along, colorful balls pop out of the elephant's trunk, again and again as baby keeps moving. - Gross Motor : Colorful balls “pop, pop, pop” out of the elephant’s trunk as baby pushes it along, encouraging baby to walk! - Balance & Coordination : Pushing the elephant as baby walks along helps baby develop balance & coordination, too. - Thinking & Problem Solving : Exciting ball popping action rewards baby’s steps, teaching baby about cause & effect. - Sensory : Bright colors and ball popping sounds stimulate baby’s developing senses of sight and sound."

Types of Play

Learning Objective


  • Balancing and Co-ordination
  • Motor Skills
  • Fine motor skills
  • Gross motor skills
  • Walker / Ride on / Tricycle

Other Details

  • Contents: 1 Pc
  • Material: Plastic

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