Terms and Conditions

Roots toy library terms and condition

Terms and Conditions

1. Renewal of Items

We give you the option to renew any of the items delivered to you which is valid for

till the end of the following month. This is applicable only in the case when the item

is in stock and is not requested for by any other customer. The request for renewal

request should be created at least 4 working days prior to the delivery date.


2. Renewal of membership

To continue your membership with Roots Toy Library, you need to renew your

membership by the end of the term period of your current subscription plan or after

availing the total number of circulations as entitled to you based on the current

membership plan. The renewal of your plan can be done 7 days before the expiry of

the current plan and latest by 2 days after the expiry date of the last plan, without

any Late Renewal Fee. In case you fail to renew your subscription within the above

stated period, a Late Renewal Fee of Rs.100/- and an added Rs. 10/- per day per toy

will be charged.


3.Delivery and Return of Item

It is our responsibility to provide a delivery and return service as mentioned in the

details of the subscription plan. We try our best to provide the delivery and pick-up

service within 2-3 working days. But, in case of any delay due to any circumstances

beyond our control, Roots Toy Library will not be held liable for any compensation.

Roots Toy Library does not provide any guarantee of the delivery and pick-up service,

and it is our absolute discretion to be able to change our business policies as and

when required, with regard to the delivery and pick-up service without a notice.


4.Late Fees

While there are no payable late fees, we do not have a provision for the customer to

decide at their own behest to renew an item without explicit permission from Roots

Toy Library. The customer cannot decide for retaining any or all of the items without

the permission of Roots Toy Library. In case of such events, the customer will be

charged a fine, along with the added cost of the item which you have forcibly



5.Damage or Loss

Roots Toy Library makes sure that each and every toy is checked and inspected

thoroughly for any missing or damage damaged part, before it is circulated again.

Once the toys have been circulated, it is a responsibility of the customer to ensure

that the toy should not be damaged and should be in good condition at the time of

return. Roots Toy Library or any of the authorized personnel would be the sole judge

to decide if a the particular toy has been damaged during the rent period, before

returning it to Roots Toy Library. In case the toy(s) rented by the customer gets lost

or damaged before returning, Roots Toy Library reserves the right to deduct an

amount equal to the actual cost of the Toy delivered to the customer from the

security deposit. The Toy Value is based on the MRP(Maximum Retail Price) at which

the toy is currently available in the market.


6. Termination / Cancellation

Roots Toy Library reserves the right to terminate or cancel the customer’s membership at

its sole discretion, without providing any reason whatsoever. The customer has the

option to cancel their membership with Roots Toy Library at any time, by the means

of a simple Email addressed to us. Anyhow, this would be considered only after the

customer has returned all the items rented from Roots Toy Library, in perfect

condition. Roots Toy Library would refund the security deposit within a period of 7

working days. It should be noted that Roots Toy Library does not provide any refund

for partial membership period. The registration fee is not applicable for refund, only

the security deposit would be refunded, after the required deduction (if any). Roots

Toy Library reserves the right to terminate customer’s membership at any point of

time, without assigning any reason for the same. In such cases, the member is liable

to return all the rented toy(s) they might have at that particular time and pay the

unpaid amounts to Roots Toy Library, if any. Roots Toy Library would refund the

Security Deposit, after adjusting all unpaid amounts, within 7 working days after the

date of termination of membership.


7. Image of Products

It should be noted that the actual product may differ from images of the product

showed on the website.


8 . Refund of Security Deposit

Members must pay a refundable security deposit to Roots Toy Library based upon

the chosen rental plan by the customer. Members are not liable to receive any

interest on this deposit. This deposit will be refunded after the membership is

terminated and the dues (if any) has been deducted by Roots Toy Library.


8. Your cart List

Items that the customer selects to rent would be displayed on the customer’s

rental cart list. After submitting the Borrow list on our website, customer would not

have the provision to modify the same. The number of items which can be added in

the cart list would depend upon the Membership plan that the customer has

subscribed for. Our team would inform the customers about the items which can be

rented, based on the availability of the items. In cases any of the items cannot be

delivered, our team would inform the customer about the same through email or

phone call. It would be our priority to ensure that our team sends out maximum

number of the items from the customer’s cart list. If the item is unavailable, out

team will send out other items nearest to customer’s requirement as a replacement.

This shall be informed beforehand. Once the cart list has been submitted, customer

cannot make any changes until delivery. A new cart list can be created 4 days prior to

next delivery.


9.Your Wish List

Items selected by the customer for future rental purpose is displayed only for the

purpose of a reminder of the items they liked earlier. There is no guarantee that

those items will be delivered. Roots Toy Library reserves the right to decline any

order made by the customer if those items are not in stock during their delivery

cycle. The Wish list items will be delivered only when the member moves the items

into the cart List and places an order for the same .


10.Payment of Subscription, Upgrade and Renewal

Roots Toy Library offers payment via Cash on Delivery and via Cheque(should be received

by our team before the delivery). As soon as the membership period comes to an

end, our team will notify the customer regarding the same via an email, giving an

option to make payment via any of the available methods to renew membership.

One can upgrade their membership to a different plan of a higher amount. However

downgradation of plan is only possible after the current period of payment has

ended. All dues are charged on a Monthly basis. All fees and charges are

non-refundable and there are no refunds for partially used periods. Roots Toy Library

has the right to change or the fees and charges at any point of time, but a notice in

advance would be provided to the customer via Email.


11.Toy Care Policy:

Parents are strongly encouraged to adhere to the following Toys and Books Care


● Toys and Books are to be used carefully, under parental guidance &


● Use the Toys and Books for their intended usage.

● Parents should clean any Toys and Books with visible debris (i.e. food, dirt

etc.) before returning them back to our team. Any loss, damage or injury

arising out of use of the Toys and Books will not be the responsibility of Roots

Toy Library. Our team will not be liable for any harm, injury, hurt caused to

anyone using the Toys and Books

● At no point of time will Roots Toy Library, its shareholders, directors, officers,

or employees be liable (jointly or severally) to the customers for any special,

incidental, indirect or consequential damages of any kind resulting from the

usage of the items, whether or not advised of the possibility of damage, and

on any theory of liability, arising out of or in connection with the use or

performance of the items. If any applicable authority holds any portion of this

section to be unenforceable, then liability will be limited to the fullest

possible extent permitted by applicable law.


12.Registration Fee

Every person willing to enroll to become a member of Roots Toy Library has to pay a

non-refundable registration fee of Rs. 500.


13.Re-Opening Fee

Every member who is willing to re-open the account will have to pay the registration

fee again .



Roots Toy Library will communicate with the customer electronically i.e. through

Email, SMS(Short Message Service), calls or by posting messages on their website

which is www.rootstoylibrary.com . It’s assumed that the customer has given their

consent to receive communication from our electronically and agree to all the

agreements, notices and any other communication sent to them electronically,

satisfying the legal requirement of communication in writing.


15.Gift Cards

All gift cards purchased from our website are non-refundable, but can be transferred

to another user once. The recipient of the Gift Card must register the Gift Card

within the time period of 3 months after the date of purchase. Purchased gift cards

would be sent via Email to the customer and, if specified, a separate user. These Gift

Subscriptions are sold through our website and are redeemable for all the items

available on our online portal for rental services only in the city/country of our



16. Limitation of Use of Website

Members of Roots Toy Library may post their review, comment, suggestion or any

other content on the website as long as it is not illegal, obscene, defamatory, cause

invasion of privacy or infringement of intellectual property right. The customer

agrees that he/she will not impersonate any person or entity or otherwise mislead

by providing false data. The customer also agrees the he/she will not provide any

false information like Email address, mailing address, phone number etc., while

posting information on this website. In case any false or misleading information is

detected, Roots Toy Library and its affiliates reserve the right to refuse the service or

terminate their membership.


17-Safety and Risk

It is the the customer’s responsibility to examine the toy at the time of delivery and

to come to a conclusion that the same can be used by their child safely and without

any risk, whatsoever, either to him/her, or anyone else. It is the customer’s

responsibility that the toy rented by them is handled by the child under strict

supervision of an adult. Neither Roots Toy Library, nor its affiliates can be held

responsible, whatsoever, on an account of the usage of any of the toy rented from

our portal.



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